Seven 340

Top speed

209 KPH


168 PS

Pack available

outright performance, accessible drivability.

If you’re looking for the one, all-conquering Caterham that can do everything, then look no further…

Sat in the middle of our European range, and replacing the immensely popular Seven 275, the new Seven 340 once again blends outright performance with accessible drivability.

The 340 has a power to weight ratio designed to entertain without becoming overly aggressive or fatiguing. This car simply makes you want to drive, inspiring confidence and devouring any road you choose to put in front of it and an on-track performance that is sure to please even the most demanding of drivers.

The Seven 340 is finally here, and it’s ready to take on anything.

  • Ford Duratec 2.0 Litre 4 Cylinder Engine

  • Factory-built
  • LED rear lights
  • Unique key, gearknob and instruments
  • Standard or Large Chassis sizes available
  • Choice of four paint finishes
  • Engine

    Ford Duratec 1999cc, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated

  • Transmission

    5-speed manual gearbox

  • Chassis dimensions
    L: 3,180mm, W: 1,470mm, H: 1,090mm
  • Max power
    168 ps @ 7250 rpm
  • Max torque
    175 nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Weight

    560kg (specification dependent)

  • 0-100 kph

    TBC seconds

  • Power-to-weight

    321 bhp-per-tonne
    (specification dependent)

  • Top speed

    209 kph

  • Brakes
    Ventilated discs with quad-piston calipers
  • Steering
    Rack and pinion, 1.93 turns lock-to-lock
  • Build
    Available as Factory-built only
Two equipment packs


  • Transmission
    • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • Suspension
    • Road suspension pack
  • Chassis
    • Standard chassis size
  • Wheels & tyres
    • 14" Classic alloy wheels
    • Avon ZT7 tyres
  • Interior
    • Black leather seats
    • Momo steering wheel
    • Unique key, gearknob & instruments
    • Carpeted rear panel
    • Heater
  • Exterior
    • Full windscreen, hood & side screens
    • LED rear lights


  • Transmission
    • 5-speed manual gearbox
    • Limited Slip Differential
  • Chassis
    • Standard chassis size
  • Steering & Suspension
    • MOMO steering wheel
    • Sport suspension pack
  • Wheels & tyres
    • 15" Orcus alloy wheels
    • Avon ZZS tyres
  • Interior
    • Carbon-fibre dashboard
    • Shift light
    • Composite race seats
    • 4-point race harnesses
    • Unique key, gearknob & instruments
  • Exterior
    • Black pack
    • LED rear lights
Choose options and extras to make your dream Caterham:

Chassis & Exterior options

  • Large Chassis
  • Carbon fibre nosecone
  • Carbon fibre front cycle wings
  • Carbon fibre rear wings
  • Full weather equipment with interchangeable composite aeroscreen
  • Full weather equipment with interchangeable carbon aeroscreen
  • Full windscreen hood and side screens (Standard on S Pack)
  • Boot cover – carbon vinyl
  • High intensity lights with LED daytime running lights

  • Carbon indicator pods

  • Spare wheel and carrier (S Pack only)

  • Components Finish: Black (Standard on R Pack)

Wheel & tyre options

  • 13" Apollo silver alloys with Avon ZZS (6" front & 8" rear)
  • 13" Apollo black alloys with Avon ZZS (6" front & 8" rear)
  • 15" Orcus Anthracite or Silver alloys with Avon ZZS (standard on R Pack)

Steering wheel options

  • MOMO quick release
  • MOMO suede
  • MOMO suede quick release

Interior options

  • Dashboard – carbon-fibre (Standard on R Pack)
  • Fully carpeted interior (Standard on S Pack)
  • Tunnel Top – Carbon-vinyl (Standard on R Pack)
  • Side screen armrests
  • Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
  • Battery master cut-off switch
  • Lowered floors
  • Map pocket
  • Heater (Standard on S Pack)

Seating options

  • Seats – black leather (Standard on S Pack)
  • Seats – carbon leather
  • Seats – carbon with padding
  • 4-point race harneses (Standard on R Pack)

Sport options

  • Track suspension (30% stiffer than road/sport suspension)
  • Race suspension ('R' pack only)
  • Ventilated front discs and quad piston callipers

  • Uprated brake master cylinder (Standard on R Pack)
  • Aero wishbones
  • Aero screen – carbon fibre (R Pack only)
  • Race roll cage
  • Sports roll cage
  • Track day roll cage
  • Track day roll bar
  • Sequential shift lights

Colour options

Standard colours

Gravity black
Exocet Red
Vintage Green
Firecracker Yellow

Premium colours

Hyper Green
Gulf Blue
Black Grey
Ultra Violet
Ballistic Orange
Peppermint Green
Polar White

Exclusive colours

Viper Blue
Dark Silver
Riviera Blue
Volcano Red
Arancio Argos
Detonator Yellow
Crystaline White
Nardo Grey
Acid Green

How to buy

This model is available through our retailers. You can also view stock or configure your own car.