Introducing the Caterham EV Seven

A technology development showcasing a future electric Caterham Seven. The lightweight concept uses the existing Caterham Seven architecture combined with cutting-edge electric battery technology, paving the way for a future lightweight, fun-to-drive, driver focused EV.




Max power


Top speed



True to the DNA of Caterham, EV Seven is equally at home on the road and the race track.

“Any future EV model we produce must be true to the DNA of a Caterham: lightweight, fun-to-drive and driver focused. The main objective for this project is to develop a vehicle with a weight delta of no more than the equivalent of having a passenger on board.”

Bob Laishley, CEO, Caterham Cars


Caterham is engineering EV Seven in collaboration with Swindon Powertrain, a leader in the development of advanced and ultra-robust powertrains for both road and motorsport applications.

Target Specification

  • Max Power (bhp / rpm)

    240bhp @ 9,000rpm

  • Max Torque (nm / rpm)

    250Nm @ 0rpm

  • Weight

    Less than 700kg

  • 0 – 60 mph

    4.0 seconds (estimated)

  • Power-To-Weight

    340 bhp-per-tonne

  • Top speed


  • Motor

    Bespoke Swindon HPDE E Axle

  • Transmission

    Single speed, two-stage reduction with bespoke ratio

  • Battery

    51kWh (40kWh usable) – Immersion cooled battery

  • Chassis Dimensions

    L: 3,350mm, W: 1,685mm, H: 1,115mm

  • Keeping our cool, on and off the track.

    Based on the larger Seven chassis, EV Seven features a bespoke version of Swindon Powertrain’s E Axle, combined with an innovative approach to cooling; an immersion cooled battery pack. Immersion battery cooling uses a dielectric fluid in direct contact with the cells, enabling better thermal management during charge and discharge cycles. This cutting-edge technology is at the forefront for battery electric vehicles and, until now, has typically been employed to cool super computers.

  • Why are we unveiling the EV Seven now?

    We do not have plans to put EV Seven into production at this stage. EV Seven is a test-bed to see how well an EV powertrain works for our customers’ specific use cases. We’re doing this with our eyes wide open so that we learn how to deliver the specific attributes necessary for a Caterham Seven; lightweight, simple and fun to drive. We’ll bring this to market at the right time, when the future generation of battery technology allows it.

  • The Speed will be Electric.

    EV Seven will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK this July. As well as a special appearance within the First Glance Paddock, the EV Seven will also participate competitively in the world-famous Goodwood Hill Climb. Two variations have been built for track testing, and will appear at various events including Caterham’s 50th Birthday Celebrations hosted at Donington Park in September.

“Building a Seven that’s capable of a Sunday morning drive is achievable with current battery technology, but the challenge is for track use where the energy consumption is greatly increased. At the moment, immersion battery cooling is one of the best solutions in terms of coping with the rapid charge and discharge cycles that would be experienced on a race track”

Bob Laishley, CEO, Caterham Cars


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