19. Dezember 2023

Limited Edition Vertex MP45 C50 Watch Now Available

Introducing the Vertex MP45 C50 Edition watch – limited to just 50 pieces. Created by Vertex, in collaboration with Caterham, the MP45 C50 celebrates timeless British design and our 50th year as a vehicle manufacturer.

What better way to celebrate a significant time in our history? Created especially to celebrate 50 years of Caterham, we have collaborated with the iconic watchmaker, Vertex.

Each watch, uniquely numbered from 1 to 50, naturally takes inspiration from the legendary Seven. Featuring the 50 th logo, the watch includes two dub-dials reminiscent of the Seven dashboard gauges, and a tachymeter so the wearer can measure the speed of distance with complete precision.

It wouldn’t be a Caterham collaboration with a little flare though, would it? Our signature green features on both the watch’s hands and sub seconds – creating a special, uniquely Caterham, finish. Not only that but in addition to the standard leather and rubber watchstraps, a third fabric ‘Caterham’ strap is included.

The MP45 watch is a legend in its own right, adorned with special features, including a double-domed sapphire box crystal anti-reflecting face and clear crystal case-back, a chronograph with second-centre hand and waterproof up to 100 meters.

As mentioned, this watch is limited to only 50 pieces, making it an exceptional collector’s timepiece for Caterham and Vertex loyalists. For more information, head over to the Vertex Website or check out the Mad Watch’s Collector’s unboxing video below.


Here’s a quick history lesson.

Vertex began life in 1912, specialising in Swiss-movement watches that were re-cased in Britain when it was commissioned to produce watches for the British Military during WWI. The company continued to produce watches through WW2 (as one of the original ‘Dirty Dozen’ watch providers) before moving to sport and diving watches in 1960. In 2015, Vertex was revived by Claude Lyons’ (the founder) great-grandson, Don Cochrane. Vertex joined Caterham as the official sponsor of our UK Roadsport Championship in 2023.