Seven 485

0 - 100


Top speed

225 KPH


237 PS

Pack available


Some cars just aren’t afraid of any road that comes into view. The Seven 485 is one of those cars. The Seven 485 is the fastest production car we’ve ever built in Europe.

A 237 ps champion ready to take on any highway one-on-one, the Seven 485 delivers huge dollops of torque, backed up by a high-revving, dry-sumped engine that makes it a wild, but intensely visceral ride.

This isn’t a car it’s a missile. With Wheels. And you’re in it.

Do you dare…?

  • Ford Duratec 2.0 Litre Engine

  • Track-proven specification for unparalleled performance
  • Most powerful EU6-compliant Seven ever made
  • Delivers peak power at a mind-boggling 8,500rpm
  • Engine

    Ford Duratec 1,999cc, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated

  • Transmission

    5-speed manual gearbox

  • Chassis dimensions
    L: 3,180mm, W: 1,470mm, H: 1,090mm
  • Max power
    237 ps @ 8,500 rpm
  • Max torque
    206 nm @ 6300 rpm
  • Weight

    560kg (specification dependent)

  • 0-100 kph


  • Top speed

    225 kph

  • Brakes
    Ventilated discs with quad-piston calipers
  • Build
    Available as left-hand drive or right-hand drive
Two equipment packs


  • Engine and Transmission
    • 5-speed manual gearbox
    • Dry sump oil system
    • Limited Slip Differential
  • Suspension
    • Superlight suspension
  • Chassis
    • Standard chassis size
    • Barre anti-roulis arrière
    • Disponible en conduite à gauche ou à droite
  • Wheels & tyres
    • 15" Orcus wheels wheels
    • Anthracite or silver
    • Avon 7" tyres
  • Interior
    • Black leather seats
    • 4-point road harness
    • Black leather tunnel-top
    • Black vinyl boot cover
    • 12V Socket
    • Floor mats, tunnel & boot floor carpet
  • Exterior
    • Carbon front wings
    • Carbon sill protector
    • Carbon dashboard
    • Carbon rear wing protectors
    • Black wind deflector, headlamps, fuel filler cap & exhaust guard
    • Non-Metallic Paint
    • Caterham “S” model badging


  • Transmission
    • 5-speed manual gearbox
    • Limited Slip Differential
  • Chassis
    • Standard chassis size
  • Suspension
    • Aerofoil wishbones
    • Race damper kit
  • Wheels & tyres
    • Roues Apollo 13"
    • Disponible en argent ou noir
    • pneus Avon (6" AV + 8" AR).
  • Interior
    • Carbon leather seats
    • Carbon leather tunnel top
    • Carbon leather boot cover
    • Carbon leather tonneau
    • Carbon leather half-screens
    • ACES gear change lights
  • Exterior
    • Black pack
    • Caterham "R" model badging
Choose options and extras to make your dream Caterham:

Chassis & Exterior options

  • Large Chassis
  • Carbon fibre nosecone
  • Carbon fibre front wings
  • Carbon fibre rear wings
  • Carbon fibre wind deflector (carbon mirrors supplied but not fitted)
  • Carbon fibre nose cone (standard chassis only)
  • Tonneau cover + half sidescreens in black vinyl
  • High intensity lights with LED daytime running lights

  • Battery master switch

Interior options

  • Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
  • Battery master cut-off switch
  • Lowered floors
  • Map pocket

Sport options

  • Track day roll bar

Colour options

Standard colours

Gravity black
Exocet Red
Vintage Green
Firecracker Yellow

Premium colours

Hyper Green
Gulf Blue
Black Grey
Ultra Violet
Ballistic Orange
Peppermint Green
Polar White

Exclusive colours

Viper Blue
Dark Silver
Riviera Blue
Volcano Red
Arancio Argos
Detonator Yellow
Crystaline White
Nardo Grey
Acid Green

How to buy

This model is available through our retailers. You can also view stock or configure your own car.