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Explore the Seven

In this era of automation and technology, it’s too easy to let science do everything for you. Your car can now park itself and moves are afoot to allow it to drive you around too.

At Caterham we hold to the theory that ‘less, is more’.

That’s why each of our Sevens are engineered to deliver a driving experience, they aren’t simply vehicles to propel you from point A to point B, but to gain all there is from that journey, fun!

Explore the Seven
  • Tubular Steel Chasis Icon

    Tubular Steel Chassis

    Simple physics. Nothing on four wheels is as light as us.

  • Power vs. Weight

    At a little over 440kg and with engines ranging from 84 to 310bhp, the Seven offers a broad range of performance from swift to astonishing.

  • Mechanical Pleasure Icon

    Raw Mechanical Pleasure

    No driver aids or frills, just direct feedback- a pure and responsive driving experience.

Chassis Options

Choose from either a Standard Chassis or Large Chassis for extra room*.





Enhance your Seven Experience

Road or track: whatever’s in front you, turn it into an experience. Whilst all our Seven’s come readily equipped with our S Pack as standard, you may not feel yourself to be the everyday road-going connoisseur, but rather a track day dominator.

The R Pack is engineered for the track and designed to maximise the already impressive Seven platform through the inclusion of a limited-slip differential, sports suspension, four-point race harness and a host of additional race-inspired upgrades.

  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Road suspension pack
  • 14” Classic alloy wheels with 185/60 tyres
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Tunnel top black vinyl
  • Full windscreen, hood and side screens
  • Unique key, gear knob and instruments
  • Black leather seats
  • Heater
  • Silver windscreen surround
  • Chrome headlight bowls
  • Stainless steel wing protectors
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Sport suspension pack
  • 15” Orcus alloy wheels with Avon tyres
  • Carbon fibre dashboard
  • Carbon leather tunnel top
  • Unique key, gear knob and instruments
  • Composite race seats
  • Four-point race harnesses
  • Shift light
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Lightweight flywheel
  • Rear anti-roll bar
  • Uprated brake master cylinder
  • Black pack