Seven 420 CUP
  • Seven 420 CUP
  • Seven 420 CUP
  • Seven 420 CUP

0 - 60


Top speed

136 MPH


210 BHP
More lap time than leather.

If you’re reading this, it probably means you care more about lap times than leather finishes.  Good, because this is the Seven for you.

We’ve been bold enough to say that this, the 420 CUP, is the best track car we’ve ever made.  A road-legal Seven with motorsport underpinnings. That is something dreams are made of… 

Really? You want more? 

Right then, buckle up tight!  The 420 CUP fills the funny little area that sits between road cars and race cars.  The engine comes from the epic 420R, with the sequential race gearbox from our hardcore racing variant.  The dampers, developed in partnership with Bilstein are fully adjustable (10 settings), meaning you can have the ideal set up at any circuit you’re at.  210bhp propels you to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds.  Add a splash of unique graphics and some sticky Avon Tyres, you’ll be upsetting supercars all day long

  • Ford Duratec 2.0 Litre 4 Cylinder Naturally-Aspirated Engine

  • Bilstein 10-point Adjustable Dampers

  • Model Exclusive 420 CUP Graphics Pack

  • SADEV 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

  • Available in either Standard Chassis or Large Chassis sizes

  • Factory-build only

  • Engine

    Ford Duratec 1999cc, 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated

  • Transmission

    SADEV 6-speed sequential transmission

  • Chassis dimensions
    L: 3180mm, W: 1470mm, H: 1090mm
  • Max power

    210 bhp @ 7600 rpm

  • Max torque

    203 Nm @ 6300 rpm

  • Weight

    560kg (specification dependent)

  • 0-60 mph

    3.60 seconds

  • Power-to-weight

    375 bhp-per-tonne
    (specification dependent)

  • Top speed

    136 mph

  • Brakes

    Ventilated discs with quad-piston calipers

  • Suspension

    Bilstein race suspension with fully-adjustable dampers with ten stiffness settings


Chassis & Exterior

  • Standard size chassis with dedion rear

  • Composite aeroscreen

  • Black component finish

  • Carbon vinyl boot cover (metal boot cover with race cage) 

  • 420 CUP nosecone

  • 420 CUP translucent satin decals

  • Mesh grill with painted 7 logo 

  • Composite cycle wings and rear wings

  • LED rear lights clusters

  • Centrally mounted fuel filler cap

  • Battery master cut-off switch 

  • Choice of four standard paint finishes


  • Sequential shift lights

  • 620-style dashboard - matte carbon with finish

  • Bespoke CUP dials finished in red

  • Carbon vinyl tunnel top with red Alcantara trimmed gaitor

Wheels & tyres

  • 13" Black Apollo alloy wheels with 8" wide rears

  • Toyo Proxes R888R tyres

Steering & Suspension

  • Suede MOMO steering wheel with quick release

  • Bilstein race suspension with fully-adjustable dampers with ten stiffness settings

  • Quick ratio steering rack

Sport & Performance

  • Limited-slip differential

  • SADEV 6-speed sequential transmission

  • Dry sump

  • Track day exhaust

  • Uprated brake master cylinder

  • Uprated ventilated brakes with quad piston calipers

  • Schroth 6-point race harnesses

  • Track day roll bar


  • Composite padded seats with bespoke CUP embroidery

  • 3-point inertia reel seat belts
Choose options and extras to make your dream Caterham:

Wheel & tyre options

  • Toyo Proxes R888R tyres

Chassis & Exterior options

  • Lowered floors

  • Aeroscreen - Carbon fibre

  • Full windscreen hood & side screens (in lieu of aeroscreen)

  • Full weather equipment with interchangeable composite aeroscreen

  • Full weather equipment with interchangeable carbon aeroscreen

  • Side screen armrests

  • Front cycle wings - Carbon-fibre - Exposed weave

  • Front cycle wings - Carbon-fibre - Painted

  • Rear cycle wings - Carbon-fibre - Exposed weave

  • Rear cycle wings - Carbon-fibre - Painted

  • High intensity headlights with LED side lights

  • Clear lens pack (front and side repeaters)

  • Indicator pods - Carbon

Seating options

  • Seats - Carbon with padding

  • Seats - Heated carbon with padding

Sport options

  • Race roll cage

  • Track day roll cage

  • Sport roll cage

  • Painted roll bar/cage

  • Aero wishbones
  • VBOX Lite with 2 x cameras and OLED screen

  • VBOX HD2 with 2 x HD cameras and OLED screen

  • Tool kit

  • Sequential shift lights

Interior options

  • Plumbed-in fire extinguisher
  • Heater

Colour options

Standard colours

Gravity black
Exocet Red
Vintage Green
Firecracker Yellow

Premium colours

Hyper Green
Gulf Blue
Black Grey
Ultra Violet
Ballistic Orange
Peppermint Green
Polar White

Exclusive colours

Viper Blue
Dark Silver
Riviera Blue
Volcano Red
Arancio Argos
Detonator Yellow
Crystaline White
Nardo Grey
Acid Green

How to buy

This model is available through our retailers. You can also view stock or configure your own car.