28 November 2022

Magnificent Sevens and Graduates join Caterham Motorsport Super Weekend

As if our 2023 calendar couldn’t get more exciting…Caterham are pleased to announce that we’ll be joined by the Classic Sports Car Club (CSCC) ‘Magnificent Sevens’ race series at Donington GP on 2nd – 3rd September 2023. Our 2023 Donington race event consists of only Caterham and Seven-based championships and race series, making it the first-ever Seven-only race weekend in the Caterham Motorsport calendar. The weekend couldn’t be more timely, with the CSCC celebrating their 20th anniversary and Caterham Cars reaching 50 years as a manufacturer.

The Magnificent Sevens (sponsored by Gold Arts) features two groups of various speeds and power formed from Caterham and Lotus Seven variants, along with a few other Seven-based race cars. From big-powered CSR racers, to light and nimble 160s, there is guaranteed wheel-to-wheel action throughout the weekend.

But that’s not all, we’ll also be joined by the Caterham Graduates Racing Club. Organised by our new friends at the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC), the ‘Grads’ run 1600cc Caterham Sevens to various states of tune. Typically, former Caterham Scholarship and Caterham Academy Sevens compete with a wide range of racing Caterhams – with a majority of racers having started their journey with Caterham Motorsport.

As for us, we’ll be bringing all five of our Official Championships – the Caterham Academy, Roadsport, 270R, 310R and the National Level Caterham Seven Championship UK. To find out more about our Championships, head over to the ‘Motorsport’ section of our website.

If you fancy taking part yourself, why not register to join our 2023 Championships? Registrations for 2023 Caterham Motorsport season are now open. Click here for more information. Current Caterham Motorsport competitors have priority until Monday 19th December.  Check out the full calendar below.  

We’re looking forward to welcoming the Grads and Mag 7s for, what will be, an amazing weekend of racing. More details to follow….