21 September 2022

Our Heritage range returns with the new Super Sevens

It’s time to welcome back a familiar name to the Caterham line-up.  The iconic Super Seven returns with the launch of two new models, the Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000. Ahead of our 50th birthday, the new Super Sevens take inspiration from much-loved Sevens from the 1960s and 70s. Adorned with plenty of classic Seven details (such as flared wings and chrome finishes), and retro touches with a modern twist (SMITHS dials and heritage colours), we’ve remastered the traditional Seven for the 21st Century. 

When it comes to our heritage range, it’s best to think of it as the grown-up, grand-tourer side of Caterham. Each car still incorporates the typical Caterham DNA you’ve come to know and love, just there’s a little more focus on grand tours and road trips than track days and race circuits.

We’re proud to reintroduce the Super Seven name as we enter our 50th year, and pay homage to the cars that paved the way for Caterham today.    

So, what’s under the bonnet? 

While they may look similar, there are two very different driving experiences on offer.

First up, the Super Seven 600 is powered by a 660cc Suzuki turbo engine producing 84 bhp. It achieves 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds as found in the Seven 170 model and shares its live axle chassis design.  Simple. Lightweight. Fun to Drive.

In comparison, the Super Seven 2000 features a 2,000cc Duratec engine which generates 180bhp and registers 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds. As always, it utilises the ever-popular de-Dion chassis found in the majority of Caterham models. Subsequently, the Super Seven 2000 can also be purchased in the larger chassis variant.

If you want to take your Super Seven a step further you can add a limited-slip differential, and (for the 2000 variant only) a sport suspension package, anti-roll bar and uprated brakes. 

Can I build it? 

Yep! Both models will be available for self-assembly in the UK for those who crave the enjoyment of building their own car. Due to international laws, the Super Seven 2000 will not be available as a kit in the USA.  Both cars are available as factory built in the UK.

What comes as standard?  

Both vehicles come with flared front wings, a spare wheel carrier and eleven heritage paint finishes, including four new colours never before seen on a Seven: Bourbon, Ashdown Green, Windsor Blue and Fawn. You’ll be able to see these in all their glory through our configurator. 

Also included as standard are Avon’s ZT7 tyres, chrome finishes on the grille, windscreen and filler cap, a black leather Moto-Lita steering wheel, carpeted rear panel, polished exhaust and LED rear lights.

Given the narrower arches on the Super Seven 600, it boasts 14” silver Juno wheels as standard, while the Super Seven 2000 features 14“ Classic-style wheels. When it comes to the chassis sizes, the Super Seven 600 will only be available in the standard chassis variant. The Super Seven 2000 is offered in standard and large chassis sizes.

And the options?

It wouldn’t be a Caterham if you couldn’t make it your own. Drivers can pick the look and feel of their alloy wheels with a choice of Gold, Body or custom-coloured alloy centres with diamond-cut lip.

Inside the car, you can choose from a range of additional colour options for the carpet, dashboard, seats and side panel. Colours include; Deep Red, Cream, Birch White, Burgundy, Ginger, Admirability Blue and Biscuit Beige.  You can also change the colours of the gearbox and handbrake gaiters.

For those who want to take personalisation to the next level, our signature range of options will continue to be available on the Super Sevens – from painted chassis work to custom colours and unique stitching, there is plenty to choose from to make your Seven truly unique. 

How about the pricing?

Both models will be initially available in the UK, with the Super Seven 2000 on offer to the US market.

Prices for the 600 start from £29,990, and the 2000 will and £39,990 (in component kit form).  For more information, make sure you head over to their respective web pages. 

Where can you see it? 

Following a pre-launch at Goodwood Revival, the new Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000 will be on display at the inaugural Caterham Seven Beaulieu Rally.  If you'd like to attend, the event takes place on Saturday 1st October 2022 - head over to our event page to find out more.