In this era of automation, it’s too easy to let technology do everything for you.

Your car can now park itself and moves are afoot to allow it to drive you around too. At Caterham, we hold with the theory that less is more. Driving a Seven is all about just that – no driver aids or frills, just stripped back driving – a pure and responsive driving experience.


Our crack team of technicians create your Seven lovingly and apply their own sense of pride in every component they attach to the car’s iconic frame. When they’re not bolting our British bundles of fury together, they’re hard at work theorising and ruminating on how they can save even more weight, refine the chassis further and extract every last drop of power from the Seven.

That’s why every car that leaves our factory carries with it the name of the technicians who built it.

The cars

Proud to be one of the few British automotive manufacturers, we’ve thrived due to our engineering excellence and their dedicated pursuit of producing something simple.

That’s why today’s incarnation of the Seven remains as true to its roots- focusing on driver experience- as it did back in 1957.

At its heart, the Seven is and will always be Fun!


Every Seven that leaves our factory aims to deliver copious fun, offering an unrivaled visceral experience which sees it’s driver addicted as they’re subjected to the raw pleasure of driving.

It’s not about getting from A to B with a Seven, it’s about the bit in between and getting the most from it.


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