Go from track days to race days and embrace the thrill of competition

Join the 2025 Caterham Academy season

Created exclusively for novice drivers, the Caterham Academy is Europe’s largest factory-backed racing championship.

The 2025 season all-inclusive package, from just £38,990, includes:

  • Self-assembly, configurable, road-legal race car, yours to keep.

  • Your racing licence.

  • 7-round championship series.

  • Technical support.

  • Expert tuition and guidance from the Caterham team.



The 125bhp car uses an open differential, 5-speed gearbox and low-grip tyres to ‘teach’ car control.

  • Full race safety specification.
  • Road-legal Caterham Seven.
  • Caterham-tuned 1596cc naturally-aspirated engine.
  • 0-60mph in 5.30s

Don't miss this opportunity to make your racing dreams a reality in 2025, starting from just £38,990 with finance available (subject to terms and conditions).


Our Academy package includes everything you need to enjoy your first season of racing from just £38,990. Racing is an entirely new experience to Academy drivers, so we like to keep it simple. We make sure that from start to finish, our motorsport team are there to support you.

Your own Caterham Academy car
Car Control and Test days
1 Sprint and 7 Races with step-by-step support
Seminars and technical training
ARDS test and competition license
Event hospitality for you and your guests


What can I expect?
The Academy Championship package is the ultimate introduction to motorsport. Available exclusively to complete novices it ensures a level playing field, guaranteeing all competitors have the same experience. This means all participants can be assured that they will be sharing their first season of motorsport with over 50 other drivers, split into 2 grids, who have never held a racing license.
What happens after I secure my seat?
Included in the Academy package is a road-legal Caterham Seven racing car to keep, a full season of racing, technical support and all the steps a novice will have to take to get ready for their first championship. After purchasing an academy package, all drivers will take their racing driver (ARDS) tests together in February, followed by a car-control day and an exclusive circuit test day before the action begins.
Do I need an instructor?
The ethos of the Caterham Academy is for novices to enter and enjoy their first season of motorsport racing. However as competitive nature takes hold, and the will to win grows stronger, some participants invest in professional driver tuition to help achieve their winning motivations. Driver tuition can be both positive and negative to individuals. On the positive the basics can be taught on finding the apex and perfect racing line, or how late to brake on the approach to a corner. On the negative, a driver can become over-tutored and arrive at a race meet with pre-set mental instructions which can result in a driver over thinking the race & track which inversely leads to under performance. During the past 20 years drivers who have received tuition have been witnessed finishing both at the front and the back of the grid so we leave it to individuals to make their own choice on tuition. The advice we do share, is to spend as much time driving your car (which is road legal) between races as possible. This will allow for the driver to become familiar with all of the characteristics and ultimately gain confidence in how their car handles, which will lead towards quicker racing results.
Do I need a team?
In Academy and Roadsport, team support is prohibited to ensure that competitors have a level playing field of technical ability and knowledge at a circuit and there isn’t the perception of someone having an advantage. Caterham provides a central support facility manned only by specially selected, skilled Caterham technicians. For a number of our drivers, being able to arrive at a circuit knowing their car will be fuelled, checked and ready to go is essential. These competitors may not have the time, ability or space to be able to look after a race car themselves and without the teams services they simply wouldn’t be racing Caterhams.
Can Caterham transport my car?

One of the difficulties that may face some Academy drivers, especially those that live in city centres, is where to keep an Academy car and especially a trailer (if they choose to tow their car to events). Our UK network of Caterham retailers can offer a transport and storage solution to remove this headache. Your Academy car will be securely stored at a Caterham retailer and transported to and from each competitive event. In between times, it will be given a check‑over by our race technicians to ensure that it will arrive ready to race. Away from events, your car can be made accessible in order for you to enjoy it on the road or at a trackday. For more details on the transport and storage services available, please contact your local retailer.


Do I need to insure my race car?
We are unable to provide specific advice on this topic. However, race car or competition car insurance may well be available, so please contact a specialist insurance company for more information.
What happens after the first season?
The beauty of Caterham Academy is that the fun doesn’t stop after one season. Most drivers want to continue racing, and our motorsport ladder is perfectly designed to accommodate the progression. After Academy, drivers can send their car to Caterham for an upgrade, allowing them to take part exclusively in the Caterham Roadsport Championship. Following this, drivers can use their car, with the respective upgrades, to progress into the 270R and 310R championships.


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