Race Support

Caterham Race Support Services

A range of included and optional support services available for the Academy Championship, Roadsport Championships and other Caterham Motorsport championships.

Trackside Support

Throughout Academy and Roadsport, all the drivers benefit from the back-up of the Caterham Trackside Support Team; Caterham technicians on hand to help you in the event of a problem or mishap to ensure that you and your car can keep racing. And the only cost to you is any parts required.

Trackside support is included with the Academy Championship and Roadsport Championships, and optional all other championships.

Trackside Parts

At every race event, Caterham’s mobile Race Parts Centre; a two-deck articulated lorry full of every part you may need at a race (from servicing to crash repairs); is on hand to ensure that you are never short of an essential part, from brake-pads to complete engines.

If we don’t have it, then it is not something that can be fixed at a circuit!

Optional in all championships.


The storage and maintenance of a race car is an aspect of racing can be awkward for many drivers. Putting your race car in your garage is one thing, but keeping a trailer can be challenging.

Therefore, all Caterham Motorsport Service Centres around the country can provide a storage and transport service to/from events.  This can include a degree of regular maintenance and preparation too, ensuring that your car is ready to go when you arrive at the circuit.

Optional in all championships.


For some, the ability to commit time to prepare a car for races can be a significant obstacle - all they want to do is drive; not fill it with fuel or change tyres.

At the higher levels of Caterham racing (Seven 270R onwards), the assistance of professional race team support is permitted. There are many professional Caterham race teams throughout the UK that can offer these services.


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